Equilibrium in space.

Juicy shades are available in various combinations. Light architectural systems are great for multi-person dining tables. Linear solutions are dedicated to straight tables, and a set solution is provided for big round ones. Its versatility extends beyond specific spaces, making it suitable for residential, public, or commercial use. Wherever applied, Juicy efficiently concentrates light precisely where it’s needed, enhancing the atmosphere and functionality of any environment.
Its fixtures make a striking visual statement. With a compelling and graphic presence, they not only provide light but also serve as artful additions to any space.

The three shapes of the juicy lampshades allow to shape different mood in the room. Higher, closed cone for more private situations, open and low one reveal the light source and open up the space.

The collection includes single pendant lamps, triple pendant lamps in linear or circular arrangements, a tabletop lamp and a floor lamp.

The floor lamp shape is a reference to classic solutions. However, the slender leg and the minimalist, conical lampshade is contrasted with the organic form of the Juicy light source. The resulting product is fresh and intriquing, fitting into both classic and contemporary interiors.

Adjustable illumination
Sophisticated design converges with innovative LFO technology. The light source cleverly concealed within allows for a subtle, ambient glow that can be directed to suit your preferences, illuminating your workspace or accentuating treasured objects with precision. Its adjustable feature enables you to pivot the light, ensuring optimal lighting conditions while
maintaining an elegant aesthetic. Tailored to the ideal size for tabletop use not only enhances your work environment but also adds a touch of sophistication to any setting, effectively blending practicality with artistic flair.

Client: ILUM
Design team: Alicja Lesiak, Paweł Kowalski, Natalia Majchrzak
Year: 2023

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