limited collection for IKEA

Hjärtelig in Swedish means
„from the heart”.
A holistic collection designed to help create a harmonious and nourishing bedroom environment.

sacred space

The space of the bedroom is a special one at home. It is sacred. It is where we rest after a long day. Bed canopy sets visual boundaries for the area of the bed. It is made of natural linen blend to keep your sleeping environment pure.

Rattan wall mounted headboard is an add-on solution for any type of bed: one works for a single bed, two for a double. It is made of natural fiber that will bring the natural feel to your bedroom.


The system of modular, solid wood platforms can be arranged into a single/double bed, singular seat or a sofa.

accompanying furniture

A bench in metal and solid wood comes with a high rail, that works as a rack to hang clothes and accessories. The little bedside table can work as a night bed or as a base for your favourite plant.

To encourage exercising at home we have introduced, for the first time in IKEA, yoga essentials: cork blocks, cotton strap and mat.

move your body

The yoga rug is a fully natural product that will help your yoga routines. The straight line in the middle of the rug will help you position your feet right while exercising warrior poses.

The yoga bag will accommodate everything you need to take for yoga practice.

breathe deeply

Plants contribute the good quality air in the bedroom. The terracotta pots will fit different sizes of plants and the metal trellis will support them as they grow.

Staying hydrated during the night is important. The personal water carafe in the collection has a narrow top part for an easy grip. It comes with a glass that works as a lid during the day.

the sense of smell

A scented candle of a herbal tone with hints of ginger, orange and patchouli is there to switch the atmosphere in the room. They come in a small glass jar with a lid, to keep the scent inside if you’ve had enough. Once you burn the candle down, the jar with decorative tops will work as a container for rings and jewellery.

The solid glass cones in three sizes and a bowl will accommodate all the jewelry we take off before going to sleep. It is a storage and a display for rings, earrings, bracelets or a watch.







Solid pine, metal, glass, terracotta, stoneware, cotton, linen, cork, rattan, seagrass, vegetable wax