for IKEA PS 2017

Working for the IKEA PS 2017 collection we took a close look into what comfort means. And what it means when it comes to food.

how we eat
at home today

Considering how we eat at home today
we have realized it is not as it used to be
– sited at the table. It is often in the sofa
or just cruising from a place to the place
around the flat.

high rim for
extra comfort

Looking deeper into the small actions that happen
when we eat and prepare the food we decided to create
a plate and bowl with higher rim and extra elevated
surface around. If we need to carry a bowl of soup
from a place to another, then higher rim prevents
the spillage. If the content is hot it helps not to burn
your fingers.

The elevated surface works for croutons – waiting
for their time and not melting in the soup, or spices
that can be added individually according to taste.

tempered glass
like bone china

The set is made of tempered glass in a highly-specialized
factory in France. The rotating open mold technique leaves
the top surface of the plates spotless, without any marks
of the tool. The color and finish is similar to fine bone china,
but unlike porcelain it is highly durable and resistant.


a drop of glass

The exactly measured portion
of liquid glass is dropped into
a pre-heated, spinning mould.
The centrifugal force spreads
the glass around the mould so
that it climbs up its sides to create
finished product. It requires a lot
of precision to create right angled
mould and make the process possible.

We teamed up with experienced
engineers-glassmakers and it took
few rounds of prototypes to find
the right curves. Amazing lesson
of craftsmanship and technology.







Open spinning mould


Tempered glass


R. Kłos / I. Matuszewski