for Comforty

This piece of design is about what is seen and unseen,
and what only seems visible.

the acceptance
of imperfection

Following the Japanese notion of wabi-sabi,
the acceptance of imperfection, the Ume
explores ideas of geometry and asymmetry.
The irregular running outline of the sphere,
transforming its geometry, reveals technological
and constructive virtuosity.

Textile by Akira Minagawa for Kvadrat

three stripes
of textile

Ume armchair came from a study of form. We fell for this small sketch of three stripes of textile wrapped around a tiny seat. The small model that was hardly a sketch, and had to be translated into a real-life size furniture. We had ambition to keep the major principle of the initial small scale model.

color compositions

Primarily developed in Akira Minagawa textile for Kvadrat,
UME is now available in the highest quality textile Umami (Kvadrat),
offering wide selection of tones and colors. The richness
and depth of textile’s surface exposes the uniqueness of
armchair’s geometry. The detail of colored edge opens way
for customization and allow to create calmer – tone to tone,
or more contrast color compositions.


four stitches,
one fold

The geometry of the armchair is complex,
with many surfaces, facets and curves.
It took many tries to achieve what seemed
almost impossible: the armchair upholstery
still consists of three stripes od textile.
Wrapped around the armchair’s shape there
are literally four stitching lines and one fold.







Traditional upholstery


Home and contract


Ernest Wińczyk