Ume armchair

Comforty_MajaGanszyniec_Ume_01aThis piece of design is about what is seen and unseen, and what only seems visible. It’s about perception. Following the Japanese notion of wabi-sabi, the acceptance of imperfection, the Ume explores ideas of geometry and asymmetry. The irregular running
outline of the sphere, transforming its geometry, reveals technological and constructive virtuosity. Examination of the angularity results in a surprisingly soft shape and an ergonomic, comfortable seat. Two waves of the fabric folded on the backrest display
a very honest approach to textile upholstery, one which covers a complex and sophisticated form.


Textile by Akira Minagawa for Kvadrat

photo: Ernest Wińczyk


Client: Comforty






the angularity results in a soft shape

Comforty_MajaGanszyniec_Ume_02 Comforty_MajaGanszyniec_Ume_01Comforty_MajaGanszyniec_Ume_05 Comforty_MajaGanszyniec_Ume_06 Comforty_MajaGanszyniec_Ume_02 Comforty_MajaGanszyniec_Ume_03