Takka table

Takka_table_Marro_Studio Ganszyniec

Corian® Du Pont is a material frequently used in the kitchen and bathroom countertops. While developing a new product we decided not to search for yet another alternative application of the material. Instead we proposed a new form and function for the flat surface of the table top. By breaking the most basic characteristics of the table: its flat surface, we break the stereotype and open up a discussion about the search for the new values cultural, functional and aesthetic. In the project we used the qualities of Corian® as a solid, nonporous and certified for food contact material. “Taka” table is 180 cm long, 76 cm wide and 74 cm high and can accommodate up to 8 people. The surface of the table is uneven and faceted. It is indented with a number of irregular, polygonal shapes and turns the table top itself into a vessel. Among the cuts there are horizontal planes arranged so that the table can be used in a traditional manner.

In collaboration with K.Kowalski

and P. Jasiewicz

Summer 2010






new form and function for table top

Takka_table_Marro_Studio Ganszyniec

Takka_table_Marro_Studio GanszyniecTakka_table_Marro_Studio Ganszyniec