Mr.Salt & Mrs.Pepper mills

Mr.Salt&Mrs.Pepper_Studio Ganszyniec

These are the result of workshops, which took place in the iconic Warsaw car factory, FSO, now abandoned. The objects were dedicated to the ex-workers of the factory. We were inspired by small and humble metal gears, which were in stark contrast with the enormous empty space of the factory. We wanted to set the gears in motion again.The objects we came up with were salt and pepper mills. They are made of ash wood, which is warm and cozy, providing counterpoint for the cold metal, and softening it.
Grinders crushing the crystals of salt and pepper seeds make the gears move again.

In cooperation with K. Kowalski

Spring 2012


Client: FSO, Center of Contemporary Art Warsaw











make the gears move again

Mr.Salt&Mrs.Pepper_Studio Ganszyniec Mr.Salt&Mrs.Pepper_Studio GanszyniecMr.Salt&Mrs.Pepper_Studio Ganszyniec