IKEA PS bureau

IKEA_PS_2014_Bureau_Studio Ganszyniec

Working on IKEA PS 2014 Bureau we were thinking of a piece of furniture that we simply would like to have. We all live in a city, the flats are often small, or smaller that we wished, and we all often work at home. We have realized, that in the market we are missing a piece of furniture that would allow to work when we want to, but – just like laptop – could be closed down and somehow disappear when we’re done. It almost has an on/off feature – we can close and hide all the mess we have. On top of it has an extra storage for books and anything else we want to have within a reach at all times. The secretary is as small as possible but still let us work comfortably. We were aiming for universal, humble form driven by function, that would blend into the environment of the living room seamlessly.

In collaboration with K. Kowalski

and P. Jasiewicz


Ikea PS 2014








a workstation in the smallest of spaces

IKEA_PS_2014_Bureau_Studio GanszyniecIKEA_PS_2014_Bureau_Studio GanszyniecIKEA_PS_2014_Bureau_Studio Ganszyniec