Fikka chair

Fikka_Studio Ganszyniec

Wroclaw. The conference was held in a place surrounded by a beautiful park. The organizers wanted to have  flexible outdoor sitting system that would support ad hoc conversations between participants, intellectual exchange, and dialogue. The name of the project “Fikka” – comes from the legendary coffee break in Sweden. Very often the best ideas come to life during relaxed discussions over the coffee. Our Fikka is easFikka is a made to measure project that was commissioned for the European Culture Congress in y to move from one place to another, pivoted, using the wheel in the back. Its resemblance to the wheelbarrow also helps to understand the way it should be used. It was created to help people meet and talk.

In cooperation with K. Kowalski

and P. Jasiewicz

Autumn 2011


Client: National Audiovisual Institute



created to help people meet and talk

Fikka_Studio Ganszyniec Fikka_Studio Ganszyniec