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Desk accessories_Studio Ganszyniec

We were wondering, how to change the desk landscape by non-obvious, abstract objects. Surprising, yet logical and  intuitive. Today most of the office gadgets are made of plastic. We decided to use wood, for the impact the object has on its surroundings. They will last and age graciously. Accessories were created for the „One Tree”exhibition. Selected designers designed and crafted objects out of one tree, cut down in Tatra National Park. Curator described the idea: “This project depicts two parallel processes that are connected with destruction and decay, and, at the same time, lead to new creations. The photographs that document the natural processes occurring in the forest, the domain that remains beyond human interference, have been set together with the intentional processing of wood by designers. In both cases, this transformation has its specific complexity and worth”.”

Curator: Jaroslaw Hulbój,
In cooperation with K. Kowalski

Summer 2012


partner of the project: Tatra National Park




wood lasts and ages graciously

Desk accessories_Studio Ganszyniec Desk accessories_Studio Ganszyniec