Barn Storage

Barn_Studio Ganszyniec

The project took place in Art Centre in Norwegian Dale, where we were working surrounded by overwhelming and wild nature. In such environment we’ve realized, that the shape of a wooden house, despite its simplicity and the use of natural material, is a strange and outstanding element in the natural landscape. This most primal proof of human existence seemed so forced into the environment of the wild nature that we decided to move it away from it.  We rescaled, changed the context and traditional function of the house, creating an experimental storage object and planted it back into the landscape. Under the influence of natural processes, and exposed to sun, wind and rain, the object will become something yet completely different. We let it open, grow and root, changing with the landscape.

In cooperation with P. Jasiewicz

Summer 2009


Dale Art Center
“Rooted Design for Routed Living” project







element in the natural landscape

Barn_Studio GanszyniecBarn_Studio Ganszyniec