Amica gas hob

Amica_Studio Ganszyniec

We were faced with a challenge: to redesign the gas hob from the economic line of Amica – the leading brand of home appliances in Poland. We were restricted by the budget, and by the technological base of the product. We aimed for creating the timeless, attractive, and user friendly gas hob, which wouldn’t cannibalize the more expensive portfolio items. The hob with cast iron grill and wok burner costs around 130 euros, and is very successful.
In our design we focused on comfortable use of the hob by enhancing the knobs: their placement (closer to the user) and distance between them. The grill area was redesigned to provide the maximum support for cooking items. We also elevated the grill, minimizing the contact points with the surface beneath it, to make cleaning easier.

In cooperation with K. Kowalski

Winter 2011


client: Touchideas








Attractive design within constraint

Amica_Studio Ganszyniec

Amica_Studio GanszyniecAmica_Studio GanszyniecAmica_Studio GanszyniecAmica_Studio Ganszyniec